The Road (2011)
directed by: Yam Laranas

I’m very picky when looking for Filipino horror films to watch since 1. many of them are corny and are made solely to shock people 2. overacting actors 3. low quality CGI and 4. poor plot line. After I’ve watched the trailer of Yam Laranas’ The Road, I became interested with it, since my intuition told me that this was something different. My interest with this film grew more when I discovered that last year, it has Hollywood screenings. Having a majority of positive reviews, I decided to watch it myself.

The Road (2011) obviously tells the tale of the infamous haunted road which lead to the loss of three teenagers. Further investigation of the case plus a reopened twleve year old case brought to the discovery of the deaths, disappearances, and who was in charge for all of these. It was divided into three parts, with a prologue and an epilogue. The deeper the movie goes, the more shocking the unfolding events are, with a lot of twists and turns.

I have to give props to the plot, for it follows an unconventional horror film in the Philippines. Many horror films have superficial plot since their only intent is to scare the audience. But I guess this negates the common thought of the people. At first, I thought that the road was the one causing deaths. But I was wrong. As the movie develops, this new character’s life was also developed, too, paving the way to the surprising ending. I never thought that the police who was given that medal of honor, and who has opened the case of the missing siblings, is responsible for killing them twelve years ago! That was surprising. My brother compared the plot to Psycho, a 1960 movie, for its parallel story.

Yam Laranas tells the story in a manner wherein the main plot twist is not evident until the last part of the film. It was not overdone, I suppose, and the director gave us just the right amount of gore.

I also admire how the camera angles make the film more effective. Plus the music is very effective and gives you the right amount of thrill. I salute the film’s music for it was not overdone like other horror films in the Philippines. The music of other films is annoying and loud, it seems that they invested too much on music rather than the story.

The actors are very well casted, but props to Alden Richards, though, for pulling off a naive-looking killer. All of them were believable and for that moment, I saw them not as celebrities, but as victims being killed mercilessly, or as killers, or ghosts. And also, props to Carmina Villaroel for not only portraying her role as a stern mother well, but for eating dirt as well.

The only setback I can see in this film is the light. Sometimes, it was too bright. Sometimes, the light can be seen. But that’s all I can see as negative for now.

Overall, this film gave the Philippine horror industry a major rise in reputation amidst the release of more crappy horror films.


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